About Our Firm

The Naquin Law Firm was organized in 2002. Walter “Butch” Naquin Jr. and Brad Naquin have a combined 60 years experience in the general practice of law, with special emphasis on personal injury law and criminal law. Our mission is to provide you with competent and professional legal services. We value our relationship with our clients, who are real people with real needs.

When we represent injured parties, our priority is to immediately assess the cause of your accident and to evaluate the nature and extent of your injury. When we are engaged to represent you, your case has been analyzed and determined to be both factually and legally justified.

After determining what course of action would be most beneficial to our client, we may partner with several law firms in Louisiana and Texas to make certain our clients have all the resources necessary to resolve their claim. We always fully advise our client and obtain their consent and approval before we take any action on their case. We recognize that proper medical care and treatment are essential. Experts in accident reconstruction, medical professionals, and economists work closely with us on your case and advise us throughout the settlement and litigation process.

We promise that when you call, you speak to one of us. We strive to personally guide you through the complicated legal process from the very beginning to the final resolution.

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